> It helps to describe the testing you did in the long
> comment, as that
> would help others to review the change and verify
> your testing was
> appropriate.

Dang, I didn't think about that. 

Anyways, the test is:

1. start Marvin in a newbie server. 
2. time it just right (1 second after t-mode starts)
and start another Marvin in the same server, in a 3rd
scumming team. Use port 3592 so he can join any team. 
3. watch the war declarations. 
4. watch the fighting to make sure, they do the right
5. make the 3rd space scummer leave after a while
(like he would if he joined the regular port). 
6. Make the first marvin's team lose via timercide. 
7. Watch war declarations and make sure Marvin does
the right thing as far as war goes. 

Did this 2 times, and seems to work good.