--- Jimmy Huang <jimmyhua73 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Anyways, the test is:
> 1. start Marvin in a newbie server. 
> 2. time it just right (1 second after t-mode starts)
> and start another Marvin in the same server, in a
> 3rd
> scumming team. Use port 3592 so he can join any
> team. 
> 3. watch the war declarations. 
> 4. watch the fighting to make sure, they do the
> right
> thing. 
> 5. make the 3rd space scummer leave after a while
> (like he would if he joined the regular port). 
> 6. Make the first marvin's team lose via timercide. 

Marvin will be forced onto a different team.

> 7. Watch war declarations and make sure Marvin does
> the right thing as far as war goes. 

After Genocide, Marvin will be forced onto yet another
team. Make sure he does the right war decs again.