On Fri, 19 May 2006, William Balcerski wrote:
> Show me the code where it will mess up.  Parsing is only done in short
> packet message - this change only effects the long packet message.  At
> least in COW and all COW-derivatives which I have code access to.  I'd
> have checked Paradise for conflict but it's closed source.

The older Paradise client and Ted Turner are open source.  The code is in
warning.c.  I'd post it here but it's rather long.  I'm sure you can find it.

> BTW someone was trying to figure out how to refit to ATT in Paradise,
> what's the key?

It's set in the server source:

./ntserv/enter.c:      ShipFoo.s_letter = "sdcbaog*"[myship->s_type];
./ntserv/interface.c:   ShipFoo.s_letter = "sdcbaog*"[me->p_ship.s_type];