> The older Paradise client and Ted Turner are open source.  The code is in
> warning.c.  I'd post it here but it's rather long.  I'm sure you can find it.

I checked Ted Turner, I still don't see how this would mess anything up.
Ted Turner only pulls the damage off the end of the long packet message
(same as Cow, NetrekXP).  It doesn't try and parse the player name.  All
this patch does is add 5 chars at end of player name, in a region that no
client I have seen tries to parse.

> It's set in the server source:
> ./ntserv/enter.c:      ShipFoo.s_letter = "sdcbaog*"[myship->s_type];
> ./ntserv/interface.c:   ShipFoo.s_letter = "sdcbaog*"[me->p_ship.s_type];
Well I told the player to try * to refit but it wasn't working, he has to
change to NetrekXP.