On Fri, 19 May 2006, William Balcerski wrote:
> > ./ntserv/enter.c:      ShipFoo.s_letter = "sdcbaog*"[myship->s_type];
> > ./ntserv/interface.c:   ShipFoo.s_letter = "sdcbaog*"[me->p_ship.s_type];
> >
> Well I told the player to try * to refit but it wasn't working, he has to
> change to NetrekXP.

Some old vanilla server programmer is pissing me off.  The ATT was a
Paradise invention.  It was added as ship type 6.  Sometime later the
Bronco server code got galaxy ships (was it calvin?), and they used ship
type 6 for that.  Then a bronco server programmer copied the ATT from
Paradise, but added it as ship type 7.  It was a real pain in the ass for
me to make this work on both Bronco and Paradise servers!

When they copied the ATT, they decided instead of using the key 'X' to
select it, they would use '*'.  Just HAD to be different!

So in Paradise-2000 the key to pick ATT is initially 'X'.  Then the server
sends a shipcap packet, which re-programms the ATT's values to use the key
'*'.  So after you refit to an ATT, the key will change.  This annoys me,
but I have fixed it, so the key is always '*' on Bronco and 'X' on

I guess, since it wasn't possible to refit to an ATT, I never noticed this.