On 10/25/06, Narcis <narcis at luky.nl> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> i've just released the first version of MacTrek. A completely newly
> written client for Netrek for Mac OS X. I hope that it appeals to the
> "generic"  Mac user that found the COW/X11 way too complicated.  It
> has some nice new features too
> - multithreading
> - scalable display
> - new graphics (themable)
> - new sounds
> - menu driven configuration
> - very easy installation
> - single player mode (local server included)
> - new Manual
> and some drawbacks of which the mayor one is: no RSA
> Anyway, i'd love to see what you think of it. and if possible, if
> someone can add the link to the www.netrek.org page (can add the new
> server release at the same time :-)

I'm going to test this as soon as I get home (delta+10hours or so),
and then if it lets me fire torps and phasers, I'll update the

Yay for mactrek. Hip hip, hooray :)

Stephen Thorne

"Give me enough bandwidth and a place to sit and I will move the world."
  --Jonathan Lange