> Zach wrote in astonishment:
> wow how did u setup local server packaged with the client and get  
> it working?

Hi Zach, well the server is simply compiled the normal way and is  
stored under /usr/local/games the tricky part was including the  
dependend package that are not natively on tiger within the  
deployment. The client simply checks if it can find the dir and  
launches the server as a seperate NSTask, you can even create  
additional robots, but they run just as they would from the  
commandline. They are simply wrapped in an NSTaskWrapper which  
monitors the processes. I did notice that the client does not always  
close the server, resulting in a very long time robots fighting other  
robots. (They had reached commander by the time i got back :-)

> is the source code available?

Will do, as soon as i get around to clean it up a bit, drop me a mail  
if you are in a hurry. (For those interested there is a development  
log at http://mactrek.sourceforge.net but no code)

> Steven is about to download:
> I'm going to test this as soon as I get home (delta+10hours or so),
> and then if it lets me fire torps and phasers, I'll update the
> website.

I'm quite sure it should do that :-) if not please file a bug report  
through the sourceforge page, i'm confident there are still quite a  
few bugs in there. (Like an echo in Worf's voice)

See you in/at the continium