> I'm quite sure it should do that :-) if not please file a bug report
> through the sourceforge page, i'm confident there are still quite a
> few bugs in there. (Like an echo in Worf's voice)

I didn't manage to test this myself. But I got two mac users on an irc
channel I frequent to try it on both a macbook pro and a powerbook.
Both reported that it crashed with an error logged to the console log.

I'll provide you with a better bug report sometime this weekend (it's
friday day for me now, and I won't be available to do this until
saturday afternoon sometime).

Is the source available? I'd feel more comfortable if I could make a
debug build I can step through. Did you use Xcode? autofu? I found
autofu so painful on OSX that I gave up porting COW to OSX.

Stephen Thorne

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