Agreed that technically the implementation technology is not important.  I
suggested it due to its cross-platform capabilities, speed of development
time and maintainability.  If this project were to become something where
many developers have their fingers in the same source code, choosing a
technology which readily supports this should be a consideration.  If, on
the other hand, everyone is going to make their own implementation from
scratch (or better yet, from a common reference specification) then indeed
the technology doesn't matter.

Speaking of the network protocol, has there been any discussion of tuning it
up and throwing away compatibility with older servers?  Much of the existing
protocol assumes C-style block serialization, fixed field sizes and the
like.  These restrictions and design choices are not necessarily required
any more.  Also, what about altering the update interval such that it is
dynamic based on events, rather than based on strict time base?  Should a
separate thread be spawned to discuss these or are those decisions already

- Cliff

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On Mon, Apr 02, 2007 at 04:54:39PM -0700, ChronosWS wrote:
> If you are going after players, your first target must be Windows,
> because that's where the players are.  At a minimum, you must make a
> client which fully supports this platform.

Agreed, and that's been on my list of things to encourage for several
years.  Just that I won't do it directly myself because I lack
experience and software licenses.

> A good way to do this would be to write it in C# against .NET and
> Mono, using the SDL and OpenGL wrappers as Mono is cross platform.  

Shrug.  Exact implementation technology is unimportant.  It is the
network protocol that makes the game.  If we have developers who will
work on that implementation, then go for it.  If you need help with the
network protocol, I'm here to answer questions.

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