John R. Dennison wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 06, 2007 at 12:19:37AM -0400, Bill Balcerski wrote:
>> Hi all.  Over the past few months, netrek servers I run have come
>> under a distributed denial of service attack that has been pretty
>> constant and insistent.  Initially the attacks started out as mass
>> flood connects from a few IPs, but after some measures were put into
>> place to prevent that, the attacks morphed into hundreds and thousands
>> of unique IPs connecting to the server in spaced out intervals so that
>> unique IPs occupy every slot.  The slots sit at the login screen,
>> preventing players from connecting.  This sort of attack, while
>> currently only directed at me (first at sturgeon, then at my bronco
>> server when I took sturgeon off the metaserver) can be used to knock
>> any netrek server out.  With so few servers and server operators, I
>> really think this needs to be addressed.  Quozl had put some things on
>> the todo list regarding this, namely some sort of handshake between
>> client and server, but this is really out of my league to implement.
>> So I am asking of the dev community, if you can contribute code to
>> deal with this security hole, please do so.
> 	Perhaps you shouldn't have pissed off so many people over the
> 	past few years by your behavior.  It is completely evident that
> 	this is personal; no other servers have been attacked except
> 	for yours.
> 	*shrug*.
Whether he pissed people off or not - it seems rather rude (if not 
criminal) to smack his server around.

I would hope whoever was involved would find something more constructive 
and mature to do with their talent and time.


Mark Mielke <mark at>