On Sun, Aug 05, 2007 at 10:20:45PM -0700, ChronosWS wrote:
> Man asks for help, you lay into him, blaming him for the attacks.  Nice.

	And for good reason.  Years of good reason.

> Alternately, you could canvas the userlist of known servers or your past
> connection logs for valid playing IPs and whitelist them with your firewall.
> This might be a decent stopgap measure while you implement your security
> fix.

	Better then nothing, but it will not work for anyone on a
	dynamic connection.


"I'm sorry but our engineers do not have phones."
As stated by a Network Solutions Customer Service representative when asked to
be put through to an engineer.

"My other computer is your windows box."
                                     Ralf Hildebrandt
<sxem> trying to play sturgeon while it's under attack is apparently not fun.
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