On Aug 6, 2007, at 8:55 AM, James Cameron wrote:

> I'm not so sure.  Continuum has experienced a possible denial of  
> service
> attack in the past month or two, just that I haven't been as open  
> about
> it as Bill has.  Did some patching on it tonight.

I've experienced a few cases where there were 3 slots (my dup limit)  
sitting partially logged-in. In the couple cases where I saw an  
actual player come in from that IP, it turned out to be a MacTrek  
user. It seems a MacTrek client bug may be triggering occasional  
groups of dead slots. You may have been seeing this as well. (Ccing  
Chris Lukassen in case he doesn't see this on the list.)

I haven't seen anything else resembling a DoS on pickled, past the  
usual idiocy of people occasionally logging in several slots for  
whatever purpose and similar. Certainly nothing that was a sustained