=- James Cameron wrote on Wed 18.Jul'07 at 19:45:43 +1000 -=

> I've' lost the context of this discussion thread, and was unable
> to recover the context from what you sent. Could you please ask
> the question again?

Here the open questions, answer in separate posts if you prefer
answers from me that way, too:

- Once people don't react to requests addressed to the general
	public in the flow of the list traffic (see reference to
	April in "how the director idea started"), how to engage
	specific people's interest to respond publicly?

- What's the function of the netrek council?
- Why not publicly (wiki, www?) declare it and its members when it started?

- You recommended "You should review the list of resources on the Wiki."
	When reading it, I saw "people in charge", but missed "the
	Will you (council) add it for completeness?

- I've listed Carlos as meta-service owner only, you said there is
	also FAQ + keyserver on Carlos' meta-server but also other
	- how to reach the FAQ on the meta-server? Who maintains it?
		(the FAQ isn't listed in ServicesList)
	- what other services are on other meta-servers besides
		game server list?

- I listed as owners of SF project: Dave, Kurt, James, Carlos, Bob.
	To which you stated "No, see the project definition on SF."
	- what exactly should I look for? I copied the "admin" list
	from there, or what "definition" do you mean?

- "Client blessing is pointless, since we have not TCA."
	What is TCA?
	When it's pointless, why require or even check for
	registered clients on "continuum"?
		(or are metas reporting wrong R flag?)
	R: "Means that this server supports (and may REQUIRE) RSA validation."

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