On Sun, Aug 12, 2007 at 05:15:27PM +0200, Rado S wrote:
> - Once people don't react to requests addressed to the general
> 	public in the flow of the list traffic (see reference to
> 	April in "how the director idea started"), how to engage
> 	specific people's interest to respond publicly?

It would depend on the person.  But as a general rule with volunteers,
you may need to give the right sort of information to motivate them to
respond.  If you find they are not responding, check to see if you are
doing the best you can - see How To Ask Questions The Smart Way.


If you continue to get no response, then your request is just not
interesting enough.  Work to make it more interesting.

Do not attempt direct contact with specific people unless they have
invited you to do so.  There are several reasons for this, and you can
find some of them at http://pptpclient.sourceforge.net/why.phtml which
is what I give to people who write to me on that project instead of
posting to the mailing list.

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