=- James Cameron wrote on Wed 18.Jul'07 at 20:11:16 +1000 -=

> On Mon, Jul 16, 2007 at 08:41:27PM +0200, Rado S wrote:
> >  Allowing authors also to bless leaves it up to whom to decide what
> > "legal" netrek is? Based on what? The loudest "borg" shouters?
> Back when RSA was in heavy use, the loudest shouters were indeed
> those who set the policy. Which in the absence of a social
> mechanism or leadership, or deliberative assembly, is how any
> group behaves. Only if such a social mechanism works can the
> technical mechanism have any significant effect.

That's why I asked for this social organization.
If it exists, to take action.
If it doesn't, to create it.

To which you said "let's have it", but later "I won't do it nor
surrender to/ support it".
 Which is fine, you're not obliged nor required as long as you let
others try, but you considered it as attack against you:
 won't do yourself, but neither let others?

And the other people "in charge" didn't even react at all for a long
time (some still haven't).

Which way to go? Or just stay where we are?
I'm tired of the "borg" shouters crossfire and general "my game is
the only that counts, do away with everything else" attitude while
nobody declares what this one game is and takes action to quiet the

I prefer to have "noise" (in the sense of public official
announcements) by a well defined leadership rather than by some
random, small, occasionally irrational mob.

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