=- Mark Mielke wrote on Sun 12.Aug'07 at 19:29:52 -0400 -=

> Your concern and your feelings are not unique.

I guess so.

> { change game }
> This became the birth of Netrek Paradise.
> The source is open - you can do what you will. Nobody can stop
> you.

I'm already happy with Paradise, and I _don't_ want to _change_
Netrek (any).
 I want to know what Netrek (_any_) is, so better to judge what to
make of comments like "borg" and "other games stink and should be
vanquished": ignore because irrelevant or consider and find
solutions, or at least the interests of the powers if there can't be
a 100% safe technical solution (as James requires for client control).

> But, if you want to change the existing game, as maintained by the
> existing maintainers, you are going to have to deal with the fact
> that precedents have already been set, and expectations already
> exist.

No, I don't want to change the game itself. Even if, I wouldn't know
because I don't know what the game is.
I want to change the treatment of it around it once I know what the
game is or the powers' interests/ desires/ commitments in it.

> I saw you claim something to the effect of "this game is not your
> game - this is all of our game."

If I claimed that, then I'm sorry, didn't mean that, but rather to
ask: Is this "your" or "everybody's" game?
If it's yours, be happy with, and I'll be happy with mine.
If it's ours, let's see how to deal with it together.

> This game is not your game - this is all of our game. The
> community has put trust in the current people "in power", and
> there is little you can do about it.

I could (and even want to) trust them, if I knew what they are up to
and why they (don't) react as they do when I hoped for some reaction
from them, or some record of decisions to read up if I missed them.
Trust doesn't come from thin air. Oral agreements (or technical
equivalent of modern times like IRC or in-game chat or private
discussion) fade away or aren't even publicly known at all when
complaints are (re-)raised.

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