Why is there so much fuss?  There is no secret council, and there is no
hidden agenda.  However, there has always been a small group of
individuals who have been responsible for maintaining the infrastructure
that serves as the foundation for all Netrek community resources.  This
has been public knowledge going back to the day these individuals
volunteered to provide and/or maintain the infrastructure.  These
individuals have communicated privately to address and resolve issues
regarding the infrastructure and have publicized any relevant
information to the community on a necessary basis.  All of these
individuals have been long time contributors and carry some measure of
respect and trust, and to my knowledge none of these individuals have
made private or public claims of authority over Netrek or the community
beyond what their assumed roles permit.  Due to the recent traffic about
unfair metaserver policies, I proposed back in April to formalize this
group into what is now the Netrek Infrastructure Team.  I felt that as
"gatekeepers" of the Netrek community, we should be more collaborative
in maintaining these infrastructure resources in an unbiased and fair
manner.  The other individuals agreed, and the group was formed.
Hopefully this clears up any misconceptions, and we can move on to more
important matters that may be of concern to the community.