=- Dave Ahn wrote on Thu 16.Aug'07 at 22:39:07 -0400 -=

> Why is there so much fuss?

Because apparantly James likes to play games when I ask for serious
answers and he brought this "council" story up when it obviously
didn't apply to my original question.

I'm sorry about that it affects you more than necessary, especially
since you have declared your position before. I failed to ignore
anything said about you not originating from you. It shall never
happen again.

(still waiting for wiki and other things at your mercy ;)

> There is no secret council, and there is no hidden agenda.

James' answers were misleading there.

> However, there has always been a small group of individuals who
> have been responsible for maintaining the infrastructure that
> serves as the foundation for all Netrek community resources.

Yes, that was known, but not their current members and what their
individual roles are and the authorities attached to it.
 Neither whether they had any further "game defintion" and "fairness
control" interests -- only that they maybe hadn't the time for it
yet so might have let others do it (for them or on their own) -- or
strictly oppose any such motions.

> All of these individuals have been long time contributors and
> carry some measure of respect and trust, {...}

That's why was I asking you all (incl. James) _before_ I'd go about
potentially doing something of this size+impact against your interest.

> {...} and to my knowledge none of these individuals have made
> private or public claims of authority over Netrek or the community
> beyond what their assumed roles permit.

James apparently did when he declared the authority situation about
client fairness/ control had changed since I started asking about it
by bringing up "the council" with the listed members.

> I felt that as "gatekeepers" of the Netrek community, we should be
> more collaborative in maintaining these infrastructure resources
> in an unbiased and fair manner.

I'm glad to hear that. This I wanted to propagate even to those not
aware of it yet, as there obviously are some quite vocal against
this fairness across game styles, but nobody keeping them in check.
_Now_ _I_ can do that without being wrong in your sense, when nobody
else from the NIT does.

The only thing unresolved yet is the question what fairness within a
game style means: what's OK, what's borg, how to implement control,
or has this any relevance anymore at all?

Now with your 2 responses on this matter I know that _you_ (which I
mistakingly believed [want] to be final authority for a "the netrek
game") don't want to be bothered with that, in any way.
 So I'll try to find answers elsewhere.

> Hopefully this clears up any misconceptions, and we can move on to
> more important matters that may be of concern to the community.

Yes, it does. I'm sorry for my share in the disturbances.
Moving and looking forward into a better future.
How can we help you? (other than being patient) ;)

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