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> > - Once people don't react to requests addressed to the general
> > public in the flow of the list traffic, how to engage specific
> > people's interest to respond publicly?
> {...} If you find they are not responding, check to see if you are
> doing the best you can - see How To Ask Questions The Smart Way.
> http://catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html

Can you give an example for a question I posed badly and how you
would have put it better?

> If you continue to get no response, then your request is just not
> interesting enough.

1st problem can be that the intended recipient might not be aware
it's intended for him.
That's why I've put names explicitely the 2nd time to exclude this
Then they reacted as they did -> done (unless asked for or left open
questions). Dave and Bob made it pretty simple and well.
 Given their presumed load and limited awareness to regular traffic,
it seemed necessary to make it exceptional.

> Work to make it more interesting.

If the mere matter is not interesting enough in itself, I let it be
and rather find those who already share the interest and commitment.
All I need(ed) was _positive_ confirmation that the lack of interest
is the case and nothing else. I wanted to avoid to start things as
described, only later to learn that somebody feels "attacked" by it
and then "fights back" when this wasn't the intention.
You did now anyway, but better now than later, when there is more to
lose and spoil.

There is work, and there is work.
"Work" makes stuff intended to be fun less fun.
It's a matter of subjective perception, so have to find out
individually with each candidate where the limits are.

> Do not attempt direct contact with specific people unless they have
> invited you to do so.  There are several reasons for this, {...}

Thanks for the advice, but I was aware of that already.
Not only that, it also was/is my own and primary interest to resolve
this publicly for all to know, so that it need not be re-chewed
Maybe I wasn't the first to ask those questions, but nobody pointed
me to existing answers and confirmed that they still applied.

> {...} and you can find some of them at
> http://pptpclient.sourceforge.net/why.phtml which is what I give
> to people who write to me on that project instead of posting to
> the mailing list.

I can't remember having written to anyone in private.
If it was, then as mistake (unless asked for).

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