On 8/18/07, Rado S <regrado at web.de> wrote:

> The only thing unresolved yet is the question what fairness within a
> game style means: what's OK, what's borg, how to implement control,
> or has this any relevance anymore at all?
At the moment, it works like this.  Client authors add features.
Features are made known to the 2 server operators (Karthik and James)
via either pre-release access to changes, or in the case of MacTrek,
release notes :).  Said server operators request features be removed
(rare) or feature packeted (often).  Client authors mostly cooperate.
In the end it will always be the server operators who say what is and
isn't borg.  Obviously the feelings of the community will have some
sway in their decision as to what they allow, but ultimately it's up
to them.