=- Joe Evango wrote on Mon 20.Aug'07 at 15:11:06 -0500 -=

> identifying certain areas of responsibility,


> replacing people who have volunteered their time and made numerous
> contributions to Netrek for many years and restructuring the
> Netrek community.

When they don't want to volunteer for this ...

> The ideas you presented several months ago for restructuring would
> require a tremendous amount of community support which I do not
> sense there is.

... I still wonder why you all are so upset, when they themselves
aren't. It's not like I wanted to take anything away from them but
built on top of their groundwork things, which they weren't
interested in to do themselves.

> I believe a majority of the people you asked for responses from
> have responded.

3 of 5: 1 apparently totally out of netrek business, 1 uncaring.
2 of 3 (total 5) useful responses, so 2 win:2 loss:1 draw.
I'd rather call it balanced, not majority.

> They may not have given the answers you wanted but they did
> respond.

All 3 have, although the 3rd one's weren't as useful.

> Were there additional pieces that I missed?

Yes, to explain what keywords or means you use on 3rd party sites as
baits for newbs when they search for games to stick with netrek.

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