>From: Rado S <regrado at web.de>
>When they don't want to volunteer for this ...

But do you have the authority to replace people or restructure the community 
if they don't respond to you?  One always has the right to share ideas but 
without proper support they usually will not succeed in implementing them.

>... I still wonder why you all are so upset, when they themselves
>aren't. It's not like I wanted to take anything away from them but
>built on top of their groundwork things, which they weren't
>interested in to do themselves.

I think people are more confused then upset.

>Yes, to explain what keywords or means you use on 3rd party sites as
>baits for newbs when they search for games to stick with netrek.

For numerous reasons this information is not for public release.  I see no 
reason to share this information with anyone other then those currently 
working on the promotion project for netrek.org.  I have offered to merge 
playnetrek.org with netrek.org which will also pass along the rankings I 
have earned to draw in new players over the years.  I have also offered my 
services with promoting Netrek through netrek.org once the transition is 
complete.  Dave, Andrew and myself have all agreed to work together to see 
this transition through.  There is no timeline for completion.


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