Moin, re campaigning...

> >Yes, to explain what keywords or means you use on 3rd party sites
> >as baits for newbs when they search for games to stick with
> >netrek.
> For numerous reasons this information is not for public release.

Ok, seems I'm too little into this business to have an idea how
public discussion about a public campaign could hurt you.
And, how this campaigning business is supposed to work at all.

What's the typical _general_ scenario for the most promising turnout
case you're trying to cover (if you don't want to give away secret
details about the specific netrek campaign [security by obscurity?])?

Who (newb and campaigner) does what (type or read) to make a newb
look at or even stay with netrek?
 (only campaigning, not in-game)

> I see no reason to share this information with anyone other then
> those currently working on the promotion project for

To get feedback, more opinions, experience, ideas you haven't
thought of. Or are you (your group) a "know it all", too?

Remember how we (re-)learned about your private investments with
your solo campaigning efforts of which apparently nobody else knew?

If you hadn't brought this into a discussion we had, you wouldn't
have been advised to coordinate with others and perhaps wouldn't
have joined with Andrew so fast as you have now, still working on
your own.

> Dave, Andrew and myself have all agreed to work together to see
> this transition through.

Is there anyone against this that you feel you must protect it?

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