>From: Rado S <regrado at web.de>
>Why shouldn't I have?
>Being part of the public (and everyone else who once in a while barks
>"borg" adds to this public demand), it's the authority of the public
>when the powers in charge don't (want to) respond to public requests.

Were you requesting or demanding?  What are you not receiving responses on?  
Seems like most everyone you asked for replies from have given them, some 
several times.

>What's bad about replacing those "in charge" when they can't or
>don't want to implement the supposedly demanded fairness?

Notice you used the word "demanded" instead of "requested".  Fairness in 
regards to what?  Paradise?  This has already been answered.

>You can't know before you ask and then try.
>And asking for support (active or passive) was all I did.

I didn't get the feeling you were asking.  Seemed more like an ultimatum.

>But ... about what?
>I laid down the concept, asked for volunteers among the owners, then
>permission to go without them but with their infrastructure, or
>straight opposition. Should every action be delayed forever
>when required responses "hang" forever? There is always some
>"timeout" to get moving (and kill a process when it blocks access).
>  What's confusing about that?

For one I am confused about what exactly your role is in the community.  
Outside of the dev list and #netrek I have never seen you on a server nor 
has anyone else I have spoken with.  How can someone restructure a gaming 
community if they are disconnected from the game and never play?  What 
action and what process?


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