=- Joe Evango wrote on Tue 21.Aug'07 at 13:39:37 -0500 -=

>> when the powers in charge don't (want to) respond to public
>> requests.
> Were you requesting or demanding?

There is a demand for fairness.
There was my request to satisfy it, or that I could/ would try.
So, both.

> What are you not receiving responses on? Seems like most everyone
> you asked for replies from have given them, some several times.

As I said, 2 of them were only once each, and those were the useful
ones, but only after the personlized version.
The one with "several" times was contradicting himself.

For what is still open: see post of Bill.
 I asked him in #netrek about it, but before repeating here again:
 this has already been covered before in the thread starters
(general and personalized), see archive.

> Fairness in regards to what? Paradise? This has already been
> answered.

Yes, and I acknowledged that already, what's your point?
There is inter-style and intra-style fairness.
One is solved, the other not.

>> And asking for support (active or passive) was all I did.
> I didn't get the feeling you were asking. Seemed more like an
> ultimatum.
>> Should every action be delayed forever when required responses
>> "hang" forever? There is always some "timeout" to get moving (and
>> kill a process when it blocks access).
>> What's confusing about that?
> What action and what process?

That was an analogy from the computer world to help you understand
that there is no evil intent, but that's just how things work.
When processes depend on each other and one "hangs" you can either
wait forever or set a timeout and move on. If the "move on" is
blocked by the "hanging" process, it gets released.
("man ps", "man kill", "man sleep", "man wait")

> For one I am confused about what exactly your role is in the
> community.

Well, so was I about the mysterious "council".

My role is "interested member, willing to do something about
bringing netrek styles together": united we're stronger.

> Outside of the dev list and #netrek I have never seen you on a
> server nor has anyone else I have spoken with.

Has this any influence on the validity of logic?

> How can someone restructure a gaming community if they are
> disconnected from the game and never play?

By long-time listening to what has (not) happened over the years,
while netrek was alive and hibernating thereafter.
The ideas are old (from the time when I started with netrek), but I
still remember them.

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