On Tue, 21 Aug 2007, Rado S wrote:

>> For one I am confused about what exactly your role is in the community.
> Well, so was I about the mysterious "council".

The "council" is not mysterious to anyone who has been part of the netrek 
community long enough to recognize the long time players and developers. 
The only thing that people could be confused about is what label these 
people (James, Ahn, Sven, etc) have, but it's quite clear who they are, 
what they have contributed and what they are doing for the game. "The 
council" has several players who have played and/or developed this game 
for close to 15 years now, and their experience holds a lot of weight with 
the community. As far as you go, no one has seen you on a server or even 
know what your last name is or what country you're from, so it's not fair 
of you to expect people to just line up when you call for attention.

If you want to help out, I suggest you join the team. There is no strict 
hierarchy in the netrek community. Anyone who wants to help out can just 
pick up a thread and go, be it to develop a client, work on the server, 
set up a server, teach newbies to play, etc. There has never been and 
probably will never be a need for the netrek community to be as defined as 
the leadership of a country.

>> Outside of the dev list and #netrek I have never seen you on a server 
>> nor has anyone else I have spoken with.
> So? Has this any influence on the validity of logic?

If you don't know the game, its community, its development phase or its 
code people will be quite skeptical of your attempts to change everything.

Also, you seem to have a tendency to type a lot of words without actually 
saying much. You should focus on shortening down your postings and making 
the information more compact. That's generally how you discuss things on a 
mailing list.

-- Niclas