=- Joe Evango wrote on Tue 21.Aug'07 at 15:41:41 -0500 -=

>> As I said, 2 of them were only once each, and those were the
>> useful ones, but only after the personlized version. The one with
>> "several" times was contradicting himself.
> So you received answers, but not all were what you wanted to hear.

I meant the format was unfortunate == too slow (due to being busy or
uninterested) or bad == contradictory (playing games).
The content (the "answers") is fine (once I got them or figured it
out), because no answer would have been "wrong". I was asking what
the status is _for themselves_, not to please me or anyone else.

I would have been happier if _they_ had taken the roles to define
and control "borg" (since _they_ probably had more experience about
what qualifies), but anyone else is fine, too, after they declined.
I'm just looking for _someone_! Preferably those with more
experience than I have (when it comes to Bronco).

>> There is inter-style and intra-style fairness.
>> One is solved, the other not.
> Which is solved and which is not?

Intra-sytle, i.e. "borg" definition is not solved.
Dave has explicitely answered inter-style.

> What process is being blocked?

Establishing a social and technical system to have "fair" games with
regard to "borg", once we know what "borg" definitely means.
For each of the styles.

>> So? Has this any influence on the validity of logic?
> Of course. A majority of the community does not reside on the dev
> list or on #netrek. They are on the servers. How can someone truly
> know the validity of their logic when making decisions about
> restructuring the Netrek community if they don't interact with the
> players on the servers?

Has the "borg" issue changed since I stopped playing regularly?
	(as other veterans who are still around)
Aren't there still features in one or the other client considered
"too much" for "netrek"?
Without the mentioned system it's just a matter of time that either
accusations and bad blood rise again or real cheaters come up?
(today it's more likely than in the past, as we see lamers DoS
Netrek servers or spoiled Strugeon players losing ground on "real
netrek" servers and possibly going the simple way of the dark side
to catch up: when the in-game power-ups are gone, technical might
fill the gap)

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