>From: Rado S <regrado at web.de>
>The most interesting question you didn't address:
>- are there enemies against your efforts?

Your words, not mine.  I simply said for numerous reasons, none of which I
care to discuss in a public forum.

>But likewise you were interested, at least back then, see those and
>their followups:

I was interested and acted on those interests by working with certain
individuals on the merger and on a decent marketing plan which we have.  I
certainly never intended on discussing the fine details of everything I have
done or what we will be doing in a public forum.  I did say I was interested
in hearing ideas.

Also, my posts were before you started the thread in May about the ousting
of certain individuals who have proven to be the backbone of this community
and volunteered an incredible amount of their time and resources to support
Netrek.  They were before you called for the restructuring of a gaming
community for a game you never play.  Your email thread for responses from
certain individuals has been going for almost 3 months you still have open
issues.  Based on what I have seen I have to question your intentions.
After observing your communication methods the past 3 months I don't care to
go any further with you about the discussion of marketing Netrek.  A plan is
in place, it is fair, it is being worked on, please be patient.