=- Joe Evango wrote on Wed 22.Aug'07 at 17:21:12 -0700 -=

> Also, my posts were before you started the thread in May about the
> ousting of certain individuals who have proven to be the backbone
> of this community and volunteered an incredible amount of their
> time and resources to support Netrek.

It's pointless to go further on this track as long as you see me as
enemy, since you _still_ are completely mistaken.

> They were before you called for the restructuring of a gaming
> community for a game you never play.

How would you know that I never play(ed) it?
Besides ... you want to attract newbies, right?
Isn't the view from an outsider perspective more useful than an
insider who's already integrated into the system and therefore
prejudiced about his favourite game?

> Your email thread for responses from certain individuals has been
> going for almost 3 months you still have open issues.

It's not my fault that answers don't come at all or a

> After observing your communication methods the past 3 months I
> don't care to go any further with you about the discussion of
> marketing Netrek.

This then only means that you're scared of critique of your plans or
don't want help by anyone else (excl. me)?
You couldn't lose anything, but only gain, and still you decide for
yourself what you take or leave.

> A plan is in place, it is fair, it is being worked on, please be
> patient.

... hmm, wasn't there once a call for speeding up when the mactrek
client became popular?
Has this opportunity passed already and you're preparing for the
next boost?

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