G'day Rado,

In my usual once a working day fashion, I've reviewed this post of yours
included below in full to see if it requires reply, and I'm not replying
in detail because:

1.  Dave Ahn has replied as a member of the NIT already, addressing
most of the issues,

2.  Mark Mielke replied explicitly to your post, and your followup,
suggests that the only problem you have is inability to stay in touch,

3.  replies from others show that you are not part of my constituency,
in that you don't play or use the services that I provide, which is
something that I wasn't fully aware of,

4.  none of my constituency have asked these same questions, you're a
lone voice in the wilderness.  It would hurt my constituency to spend
time on your voice alone.

On Sun, Aug 12, 2007 at 05:51:41PM +0200, Rado S wrote:
> =- James Cameron wrote on Wed 18.Jul'07 at 19:57:21 +1000 -=
> > > - How has the organisation changed to establish an authority to
> > > define netrek and control approved clients?
> > 
> > Four of us agreed to begin to set policy.
> > { ... }
> > I don't have the exact date, is it important?
> > { ... }
> >
> > > - Where/ what/ who is the authority that has appeared since then?
> > 
> > Carlos, Dave, Karthik and myself, in private communication.
> =- James Cameron wrote on Sat 21.Jul'07 at 10:21:47 +1000 -=
> > On Fri, Jul 20, 2007 at 10:28:59PM +0200, Rado S wrote:
> > > Need not be exact to the minute, but day, week, month, yes,
> > > because if it was made public by one of you at some point in
> > > _any_ way, I'd like to track down _how_ I missed that.
> > 
> > You weren't watching, apparently. It was mentioned in #netrek.
> > Keep reading those logs.
> "It was mentioned...", have _you_ said this? To me, when I asked you
> and I responded to it?
> Or is somebody speaking for you? Or the council?
> Given the noise that happens on #netrek and that I haven't been
> always present physically or technically, you'd have to tell me the
> exact date or week at least.
> > > If it wasn't made public, why not?
> > 
> > Well, firstly, I can't speak for the council, so I can't announce
> > the existence of the council, it would have to be a motion of the
> > council to do so.
> But when it comes to matters belonging to the council's area of
> concern you're fast (and often the only one) to respond.
> You're very public, you'd be a good representative for netrek or the
> council.
> Then please suggest some way to make the council more public in its
> functionality. How to interact with the council when it's secret and
> no speaker in their name known?
> What benefit has a _secret_ council when public requests need public
> responses?
> > Secondly, even if I did want to bypass that process, the last
> > thing I'd want to do is tell *you*.
> So... you haven't told me before?!
> Nothing has changed, a secret council doesn't serve the public
> community with regard to direction and noise control.
> > Now that I've seen how you respond, this confirms my hesitation.
> Respond to what, how?
> What was bad about my reactions given your responses?
> > You'd have to ask the council these questions. They aren't
> > interesting enough for me to bring them to council.
> You are aware that you listed yourself as member of the council?
> Even though I acknowledge that you don't speak for the whole
> council, you can speak for yourself; when asked as member it's your
> turn to answer anyway: are you for or against a public speaker and
> message process to declare the council's purpose and publish
> decision progress?
> The others can answer for themselves when asked; no worries, I can
> distinguish that.
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