=- James Cameron wrote on Fri 24.Aug'07 at 10:12:44 +1000 -=

> 1. Dave Ahn has replied as a member of the NIT already, addressing
> most of the issues,

Are you aware that your answer "NIT" didn't apply to my question
about "borg" determination and control? So that status has _not_
changed since I asked about it 1st time.
Or have I misunderstood Dave?

> 2. Mark Mielke replied explicitly to your post, and your followup,
> suggests that the only problem you have is inability to stay in
> touch,

With regard to posting style "yes", or did you mean anything else?

> 3. replies from others show that you are not part of my
> constituency, in that you don't play or use the services that I
> provide, which is something that I wasn't fully aware of,

How would you/they know?
You offer many services.

> 4. none of my constituency have asked these same questions, you're
> a lone voice in the wilderness. It would hurt my constituency to
> spend time on your voice alone.

If you mean the NIT, agreed.
If you mean "borg", ... well.

> > > Now that I've seen how you respond, this confirms my
> > > hesitation.
> > 
> > Respond to what, how?
> > What was bad about my reactions given your responses?

If you care to explain, I'd still like to know the name of this

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