=- Niclas Fredriksson wrote on Wed 22.Aug'07 at 12:46:58 +0200 -=

> The only thing that people could be confused about is what label
> these people (James, Ahn, Sven, etc) have, but it's quite clear
> who they are, what they have contributed and what they are doing
> for the game.

Is that true, too, when there is much silence for a longer period of
time and no central place to carry those vital information?
How would you know that somebody has dropped out or changed mind
when there is little overall activity and publicity left?

> "The council" has several players who have played and/or developed
> this game for close to 15 years now, and their experience holds a
> lot of weight with the community.

I know, that's why I was asking them (or generally anyone who
considers himself an authority to answer my question about "borg").

> As far as you go, no one has seen you on a server or even know
> what your last name is or what country you're from, so it's not
> fair of you to expect people to just line up when you call for
> attention.

Aye... I wrongly assumed that in a generally silent place every post
would rise enough attention on its own.
Actually, James' initial reaction has built up that impression.

> If you want to help out, I suggest you join the team.

I do for the things that I can.

> There is no strict hierarchy in the netrek community.

That's probably the problem I see with providing widely accepted
fairness definition.

> There has never been and probably will never be a need for the
> netrek community to be as defined as the leadership of a country.

So I should safely ignore any and all "borg" complaints?
If I'm not mistaken, even you once in a while used that word.

> > So? Has this any influence on the validity of logic?
> If you don't know the game, its community, its development phase
> or its code people will be quite skeptical of your attempts to
> change everything.

It's just a little bit. At least it seems so.

> Also, you seem to have a tendency to type a lot of words without actually 
> saying much.

Hmm... I'm sorry for this ... at least initially I started with
simple questions.

> You should focus on shortening down your postings and making the
> information more compact. That's generally how you discuss things
> on a mailing list.

Heh, I know, that's how things start, but then they get complicated
by many participants, opinions and details (and time constraints
forcing one to combine answers).
 It slowly developed and got out of control.

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