On Wed, Aug 22, 2007 at 08:45:08PM +0200, Rado S wrote:
> But the admins have the final say.
> Or what for is the differentiation between admins and non-admins?

The only thing admins seem to be able to do that non-admins cannot is
change the services provided to the project by SourceForge.

> Why not make everyone admins then?

Please read the SourceForge documentation.  It's not for me to explain
it to you.

> BTW, I notice you still don't adjust the subject to reflect the
> content as you once advised me... don't get lax on your own ideals,
> when you specifically separate them by subject, it was good advice.

I don't see this as a change of subject, and I know that some readers
are using thread killing.

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