=- James Cameron wrote on Wed 22.Aug'07 at 10:00:52 +1000 -=

> On Sun, Aug 12, 2007 at 05:15:27PM +0200, Rado S wrote:
> > - I listed as owners of SF project: Dave, Kurt, James, Carlos, Bob.
> > 	To which you stated "No, see the project definition on SF."
> > 	- what exactly should I look for? I copied the "admin" list
> > 	from there, or what "definition" do you mean?
> You didn't say "Project Admins" at the time, you said owners. To
> me, the owners of the SourceForge project are the members, since
> any of them may commit code.

But the admins have the final say.
Or what for is the differentiation between admins and non-admins?
Why not make everyone admins then?

> At the moment the members of the SourceForge project don't include
> you, probably because you haven't needed to contribute any code to
> a source repository kept there.

I was aware of that . . . o O (???)

> I don't see the membership of the SourceForge project as being very
> significant, since:
> (a) many of the source repositories are no longer maintained on
> SourceForge,
> (b) many of the file releases are done using netrek.org rather than
> SourceForge.

b) so not all, so it's still used ... to some degree and therefore

a) when this all started the status was different.

BTW, I notice you still don't adjust the subject to reflect the
content as you once advised me... don't get lax on your own ideals,
when you specifically separate them by subject, it was good advice.

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