> I'm still tinkering with a 3D client, although RL intrudes to a dreadful> degree and I only get a few minutes a day to develop it.> > http://www.colinmacdonald.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/pics/netrek3d.gif> > Shows it running in parallel with the 2D windows. All the ships are using a> Fed CA model just now.> > As I expected, it's the UI and menus that'll take the time. Eventual> failure is still on the To Do list. ;)> > -Colin MacDonald-I see you've tinkered some with the 2D version, i.e. army counts on tactical and some weird circle around the fed ship.  Have a public source controlled repository?Clearly you've made some changes/improvements to the xp 2006 client, besidesjust the c++ compile fixes, and I would like to be able to see what you did and perhapstake some of your patches. Bill
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