On 1/5/07, Rado S <inmx027 at math.uni-hamburg.de> wrote:

> I fail to see the need for speed here.
> As said before: there have been boosts in the past, which haven't
> been followed up/ supported by website campaigns. And still we're
> here. Converting the old data to the new system won't take ages,
> so we'll have the basic support covered (soon, to support any
> current activitiy).

Any reason why we should not have a wiki and a website? I've seen some
major FOSS sites that have both. Or is this too much work?

> Netrek is _not_ a mass market product.
> There are many more-flashy things, and easier to get into
> (learning curve), and less involving (quicky games 5-15min for
> lunch breaks).
> 1st we'd have to define our target audience, and then adjust our
> efforts to reach it. Not to forget look around us who are our
> direct competitors: those who cover the same niche as netrek does.
> Those we have to beat, not ego-shooters, WoW or MineSweeper/
> MoorHuhn- quality.

Good point. Know your target audience seems a good maxim for us. Also
when your player base is relatively small failures in critical
services or major client turn-offs can have a more drastic effect on
the growth of the community.

> One-night-stands are not the way for netrek.

Nor for me! I find the concept grotesque and offensive on many levels.

> My normal mode in FF means no images either and no server-side
> colors. If you know lynx text-browser, you know what I mean. :)

When I was ebaying heavily using lynx let me outbid some competitors
more than once ;-)
I remember when Net services mean primarily gopher, archive, veronica,
ftp, telnet, rsh, irc, finger, pine, talk, zephyr, wais, lynx... hehe.

Regarding backups maybe something like Bacula could be utilized:

> Heh, it's not your life at danger here, it's "just a game". ;)

Netrek must survive! ;)

> Let's start the wiki and see how it works. Should it fail, you
> still can revert all back to darcs.

Hear hear. Let the wiki begin.