=- Zach wrote on Fri  5.Jan'07 at 14:22:36 -0500 -=

> Any reason why we should not have a wiki and a website? I've seen some
> major FOSS sites that have both. Or is this too much work?

Note "major": netrek isn't major anymore.

What content should go where?
Who'd decide that?
Again, when the website _content_ admin disappears, the same problem.

Should we _ever_ become major again, then we can have enough
people to assign such "critical" services again with back-up

> Also when your player base is relatively small failures in
> critical services or major client turn-offs can have a more
> drastic effect on the growth of the community.


> Netrek must survive! ;)

I thought so for a long time, too, but then realized it will never
disappear completely, just hibernate most of the time, until some
archeolgogist uncovers it again and introduced a retro-phase.

Clothing, hair-style, music-style... all this recycles in retro
hypes ... games are too young for this ... but in some years
netrek will re-rise. ;)

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