Hi Netrek Fans,

This is the first anouncement for an great event:

     Netrek The Gathering: The return of the legend

     NASG 2007 Austria
     After more than a decade the legend returns to the roots.

The european netrek community had its first international get-together in 1995 
in Austria. It was a great success and started a series of gatherings in 
various European countries.

With Netrek getting less attention and shrinking communities the gatherings 
stopped at the end of the last century.

We like to reawake the good old tradition for a final? gathering and this time 
we invite the whole world to Austria for the big fun.

    Summer 2007 (proposals for the exact days are welcome)

Further Info under 


If you are interested please send a short note to 007 at netrek.org.
If people from overseas, down under or anywhere else in the world like to use 
this opportunity for an additional Austria/Europe holiday trip, we would be 
glad to help you in finding the best locations.

Please forward this information to as many (former) players you know. 

Kurt aka 007

Kurt Siegl /  Hargelsberg, Austria
Email: 007 at netrek.org
URL:   http://www.hargelsberg.at/nasg2007/