> On 1/23/07, Andrew K. Bressen <akb+lists.netrek-dev at mirror.to> wrote:
>> any of them read?
> Out of the bunch I've seen about 1/3 that appear to read and 2 that  
> responded.
>> any of them stay?
> Yes I've seen 3-4 of them make characters and have seen them playing
> the past few days. Hope they stick with it.

Same here, after all that was the whole point of creating a new  
client :-)

> First, I submitted a bug on sourceforge because mactrek isn't checking
> hogcalls to make sure they are coming to its slot. This means that  
> when
> the server sends a timer warning message to the ALL board, the  
> client replies
> with a hog call answer back to the board.

1.1.0 has a bug that it responds to any five spaces anywhere in the  
should be fixed in the next version though.

> Secondly, jrd notes that the client seems to send the message "Active"
> sometimes. I see sixteen instances in about 439k lines of log, so
> it can't be happening terribly often. I didn't submit this on  
> sourceforge
> because I haven't personally verified it's the mac client emitting  
> this
> message, and it also occurs to me that this might have been a 1.0  
> thing
> that's fixed already.

It's the default text in the dialog window, if a user clicks it and  
presses enter, it
gets send. I could improve on that :-) there is also a problem with  
mouse focus
once in input mode the textbox "captures"  the users, so far i always  
to fire a torp to get control back (not very elegant)

> Also, I added the mac default keymap to the dev wiki in case folks  
> want
> a ref copy to use to help out newbs.

Good idea!

> Does anyone know what key to press to steer when using a one button  
> mouse?
> I understand the easiest solution is to connect a two button mouse  
> but I
> have seen several instances in that past couple weeks where users  
> are using
> a one button mouse and can't steer.

in mactrek ? k (who else would have a single button mouse?)