On Thu, Jan 25, 2007 at 03:01:04AM -0500, Andrew K. Bressen wrote:
> if you are observing someone, and that person has N armies, 
> and you get ghostbusted, the server drops N armies on the 
> homeworld of the person you were watching, as if they and
> not the observer had busted. 

An attempt to fix this was made several years ago, but the fix was
defective.  In the past few months I had another go and found several
places to fix this.  The changes are in the current code base.

So I really really want to know what code base was used for that clue

> Is there a bug-tracking system for the bronco/inl server this should
> get entered into? 

I believe it is already fixed.  But your question is important for
future bugs.

Mailing list is best.  Another place is the PROJECTS or BUGS file in the
source repository.  But if you really want a bug-tracking system, use
http://trac.us.netrek.org/projects/netrek-server/ ... we need developers
willing to use that before it becomes useful.

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