I'm not sure whether I responded to that before, so I play safe and
do it now (again)

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> Subject: [netrek-dev] What is a borg?
> I think the word borg, in the sense of 'info-borg', is thrown
> around as a justification for elitism. As far as I am concerned, a
> truly great Netrek player will not benefit from the majority of
> the 'info-borg' characteristics that have been widely debated in
> the past. This then leads me to become convinced that the fear is
> that a not-so-great player may possibly compete. I think this
> elitism is has been a reason why Netrek fails to attract large
> audiences. The intimidation alone has been enough to prevent new
> players from ever feeling welcomed.

That's exactly my position, too, those are "good borgs".
They might change the game a bit, but better have a slightly changed
game with more players than the best balanced few like to play.

> Some things are definately borg. Computer targetting aids. Fully
> automated actions (shield up, auto det, tractor/repress).

Those are "bad borgs", producing more than is provided by the
server. That why client control is needed, even though it might be
not perfect, but it keeps the majority in check (once we have masses

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