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> Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2007 10:36:41 +1000
> Subject: [netrek-dev] new infra-structure against borg
> On Fri, Apr 06, 2007 at 03:10:20PM +0200, Rado S wrote:
> > The purpose of all my asking is to find out whether such a role is
> > - wanted+supported+enforced/ controlled by infra-structure owners,
> > - and how it can be installed.
> So you're asking me my thoughts on a netrek governer?
> Wanted: yes.
> Supported: what does that mean? If it means I'll agree with
> everything the governer says, no. If it means I'll do whatever the
> governer says, no. If it means I'll help manage infrastructure the
> governer needs, yes.
> Enforced: what does that mean? If it means I'll block an IP
> address just because the governer says, no. I'd have to understand
> the reasons and accept them. If it means I won't try to circumvent
> a block placed on me by a governer, no.
> > What shall it be?
> An interesting question. But you can't rely on my answer alone, I
> do not represent anyone but myself, and then only half the time.
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Wow, I forgot about this answer, and now that I found it again, I
wonder why you reacted the way you did when I recently layed down
detailed and condensed the answers to your questions what a
"director" is supposed to do and what support he needs by the
owners, and when I addressed those you didn't want to speak for (the
owners or other inofficial authorities).

What kind of reaction to this response of yours have you expected?

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