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>> The wiki path is complementary to what Andrew and Joe are doing,
>> and I'll open it up eventually.

Rado S <regrado at web.de> writes:
> Now ... you've lost me there.
> What exactly are you 2 up to, when it is apparently not only about
> the netrek.org relaunch (which was once meant to be run via wiki)?
> When will we see it? What can we do to help you?

Rado, I spent a huge amount of time in December and January 
trying to explain this to you. I'm sorry I failed to be able
to communicate it, but I really don't have the patience
to try again. I'll make it as simple as possible. 

What we're up to? We're working on the website. 

Websites are not about one kind of content. Wikis and static HTML
or dynamic PHP are not mutually exclusive. Wikis are good for 
some things and  bad at others. 
I attempt to use the best tool for the job. 

For example, a wiki would likely be good for documentation.
It would be bad for anything containing a link exchange unless
the page had limited edit permissions. A wiki takes a lot
of admin overhead, which is why we don't have one for marketing
purposes yet, but do have one for development. 

At the moment, our priorities are to merge playnetrek.org into
www.netrek.org without it negatively impacting our search engine
rankings or link exchange traffic. This should have the net effect of
increasing search engine ranking by centralizing traffic and links
to us. It will also free up some resources by having to maintain
only one site instead of two. 

After that, we'd like to do a big advertising push and figure out
ways to market the game. 

There's a lot of documentation still to write or revise. I've repeatedly
stated that help on this is welcome.