=- Andrew K. Bressen wrote on Sun  1.Jul'07 at 15:31:42 -0400 -=

> > What exactly are you 2 up to, when it is apparently not only about
> > the netrek.org relaunch (which was once meant to be run via wiki)?
> >
> > When will we see it? What can we do to help you?
> Rado, I spent a huge amount of time in December and January trying
> to explain this to you. I'm sorry I failed to be able to
> communicate it, but I really don't have the patience to try again.
> I'll make it as simple as possible.
> What we're up to? We're working on the website.

Thank you. I'm sorry for the confusion.
I was aware (as you said, already half a year ago, that's a long
time) of your efforts to take over netrek.org to update it since
Erik left. Also that you want to join it with playnetrek.org.

But at some point the context was lost and the vague "we're working
on something" sounded as if you were doing much more/ other stuff
than that, since it took/ takes so long without intermediate
update reports.

So, next to updating old info (maintenance), have you _added_
new functionality that didn't exist before (aside from link exchange)?
I don't know what state Erik had left behind.
I'm wondering what of the things you do could be the one Joe
referred to as potentially having the greatest impact ever.

> Websites are not about one kind of content. Wikis and static HTML
> or dynamic PHP are not mutually exclusive. Wikis are good for some
> things and bad at others. I attempt to use the best tool for the
> job.

Since we agree there, I'm looking forward to it (wiki in particular).
Non-wiki pages are required only for permanently static stuff or
permanently dynamic stuff like services by automatically processed
external databases. Anything else can be run by wiki.
 So ... what must be non-wiki, what should become wiki? Maybe you
can save some time by not dealing _now_ in php with what will
eventually end up on the wiki anyway.

> At the moment, our priorities are to merge playnetrek.org into
> www.netrek.org without it negatively impacting our search engine
> rankings or link exchange traffic.

What search terms are you aiming for?

> After that, we'd like to do a big advertising push and figure out
> ways to market the game.

Welcome, "director of web and marketing affairs". ;)

> There's a lot of documentation still to write or revise. I've
> repeatedly stated that help on this is welcome.

Heh, you didn't react too enthusiastically when I did so for the
topics that I can contribute to at the current stage, so I better
wait for the wiki and see what I can do without interrupting your

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