> I appreciate all the work Chris did on 1.3 release of MacTrek but next
> time perhaps do more beta testing (I'd be glad to volunteer except I
> don't have a Mac heh)

Which is the root of the problem. There is only one developer, one  
it is easy to miss spots. The only real solution is more people on the
project, maybe checkout <http://wiki.osx86project.org/> don't tell  
Jobs i send you :-)

> I still see a good number of MacTrek users with the
> 1.1 version so it may be a while before the users realize there is a
> new fixed version released.

Amen, maybe the app should check for updates, but i need to figure  
out how.

> The good thing about a major bug is that it lets you release 1.3.1 or
> 1.4 quickly.  It is an opportunity.

Testing right now, but every now and then i need some sleep :-0
Releasing will take some time though (see the last page in

I'll try to find some non-developer macs to test..