> Here's a specification written from the source:
> The use of the ping packets within the Netrek protocol is  
> mandatory, as
> follows:
> 1.  the client must send CP_PING_RESPONSE with a pingme value set  
> to 1,
> after it receives the SP_LOGIN with accept set to 1.
> 2.  on receipt of CP_PING_RESPONSE with pingme set to 1, the server  
> will
> send SP_PING packets to the client based on etc/sysdef configuration,
> 3.  when the client receives an SP_PING packet, it must send a
> corresponding CP_PING_RESPONSE packet in reply.
> Failure to do either 1 or 3 results in disconnection once the  
> player is
> idle for a time.  The time is dependent on the ghostbust interval  
> timer,
> which is currently about 30 seconds, and the ping interval set by
> etc/sysdef.

which is what happens, i;ve implemented it and am testing it right now.

stay tuned....