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> Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 10:16:42 +1100
> Subject: [netrek-dev] What is a borg?
> I've a few hats, so I'll put them on one by one.
> 1. server source maintainer, will take any patch that adds useful
> features, but will resist changes to the amount of information the
> server gives, since the network protocol is the primary
> information barrier to prevent allegations of cheating.
> 2. client source maintainer, will take any patch that adds useful
> features, will take any patch that brings the client up toward the
> level of information provided by most other clients, but will
> resist changes that draw conclusions from the packet stream in a
> way that increases the information given to players by an order of
> magnitude or more.
> 4. development community benevolent dictator, will accept merges
> of source from previously divded efforts, so that the ideas are
> centralised, and communication between potential contributors
> increased ... that's why I want the Paradise server changes to
> merge into the Vanilla source, yet be a configuration setting.
> PARADISE=0 being the default.

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... but at the same time you reject responsiblity and commitment to
pick up or establish an official representative role to respond to
requests as needed, make judgement calls more explicit and public to
establish a "conforming client + server" system (technical and
social) to extend your fairness to _all_ users independent of their

Are you into a common netrek or just James Cameron netrek and don't
care what others do?
I thought we were trying to focus.

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