=- Andrew K. Bressen wrote on Sun  1.Jul'07 at 15:30:14 -0400 -=

> Rado:
> > I once said I like this simple limitation, but seeing my quoted
> > example of phaser targeting aids this is too little, because
> > this can't be controlled by the protocol, yet it is against the
> > "fair game" concept where the core action is supposed to be
> > performed by the human.
> If you feel the level of security isn't high enough, feel free to
> suggest protocol architecture modifications and provide the
> programmers to implement them. And by this, I mean specific
> suggestions along the lines of "a det circle feature packet should
> contain these bytes encrypted in this manner". Just saying "we're
> not secure enough" when we don't even have the resources to fix
> significant outstanding metaserver bugs is not constructive.

The control level by the old RSA/blessing system would be sufficient
for now, if only it would be consistently applied by a system of
shared responsibility and control.
 The little bit of control can already keep many out, only leaving
those with enough brain to break that. The more effort is required,
the less people are willing to spend on it to break it.

There will never be a 100% safe system, but this doesn't mean it
should be left totally uncontrolled. The problem are not single
cheaters (who'd be spotted by clued players if we had an always
present number around), but the big numbers who'd begin redefining
the game and forming a quasi/ de facto standard, breaking the so
often called for balance, which netrek supposedly posseses (but is
hollowed out by different client features).

That's why we need an authority for definition and strict control,
and a control system that separates writers and users from
controlers. RSA is there, now it needs the will to make use of it as
required. Once die hard cheaters persist breaking the simple
control by blessing, new ideas have to be considered _then_.

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