=- James Cameron wrote on Mon  2.Jul'07 at 16:08:47 +1000 -=

> > Wow, I forgot about this answer, and now that I found it again,
> > I wonder why you reacted the way you did [...]
> You can waste a lot of our time by analysing our reactions. I
> advise against analysis. There is no way for you to know the
> circumstances in which I've replied.

That's why I'm asking you, who should know; I was only indicating
interest to learn from you.

> > What kind of reaction to this response of yours have you expected?
> I don't write a response based on expectations.

Well, you wrote you were interested in an authority, you asked what
I understood by it ("authority, support, enforce") and disclaimed
sole responsibility but that there are others required to ask
besides you.

I picked up the idea to create it, I answered your questions, and I
addressed the others I believed necessary to be asked.

Don't ask for something when you don't want to deal with the answer.
Especially don't use the form you later complain about.

> I call a spade a spade. I suspect you cannot. Next question?

... but you appear as if calling once for a spade, next time for
something else, effectively making no difference to you.
Either you don't always call it a spade or you don't know what you
want.  Neither is useful.
As well isn't when you call for improvements, but when asked how,
then don't tell.

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