On Mon, Jul 16, 2007 at 08:40:58PM +0200, Rado S wrote:
> =- James Cameron wrote on Mon  2.Jul'07 at 15:45:13 +1000 -=
> > I will not lie to the simpletons by creating a perception of security.
> You don't have to lie about it.
> Just state it as it is: it is not safe, but makes it harder.

No, I don't accept that.  "Harder" is such a relative concept.
Therefore saying that would be too close to lying for my comfort.

> > I'd prefer to have simpletons rather than experts, attempting to
> > cheat, since it will be more obvious and detectable on average.
> A game cheater with open access to the code doesn't require
> hacker qualities.

If by hacker you mean expert, then yes, that is true.

> How would the cheating differ between experts and simpletons (among
> cheaters or hackers)? For example an aim or dodge correction
> (copying from the bots).

It would differ in complexity.

> > By lowering the threshold it makes it easier to notice cheating.
> And then do what?

Eject, ban, ridicule, post multi-line macros, or avoid.

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